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Sorry we do not sell bantams, hatching eggs or cockerels

Devon Bronze

Friendly birds with a gentle nature.

They are capable of laying around 260 chestnut dark brown eggs per year

£22 each

Speckledy Gold

Speckledy Golds are friendly and inquisitive birds which have a gentle nature about them, making them ideal pets.

They are capable of laying about 300 brown eggs a year

£16 each

Rhode Rock

Hybrid bred from the Rhode Island Red and a Barred Plymouth Rock.

They are not easily stressed and are generally very confident, friendly birds.

They are capable of laying approximatly 330 brown eggs per year

£16 each


Easy to manage and very friendly as well as hardy, Able to withstand stress. This is a commercial breed

Is a prolific layer, capable of laying 330 brown eggs per year

£14 each 

Devon Blue

A blue egg layer bird. They are friendly birds which have a gentle nature about them. They come in a range of differant colors: Blue, Black, Pyle and Legbar

They are capable of laying around 260 green or blue eggs per year

£22 each  

Amber Star

Amber Stars are friendly birds and great with children varying in color from cream color to a cream with red/brown markings.

They are good layers of medium sized brown eggs and lay around 330 eggs per year.

£16 each 

Sussex Star

Pretty chicken with a calm nature and will make a good pet.

They are a slighly larger bird with black markings around the neck and tail.

Hybrid of Light Sussex and Rhode Island Red.

Lay around 290 brown eggs a year.

£16 each 

Silver Duckwing

An athletic, hardy, non-sitter hen, produces more eggs from less feed than other chickens

Lays large white-cream eggs, up to 300 per year

£16 each


The bluebelle is a maran and rhode island red cross. They come in varieties of gray, from light to dark.

They are very docile and will make good pets

They lay about 260 brown eggs a year

£16 each 


A traditional farmyard 'speckled' hen. The Speckledy is a moden hybrid based on the traditional speckledy maran hen.

They are reliable layers and are capable of producing 300 brown eggs a year which are usually speckled

£16 each  

Columbian Blacktail

Columbians have a docile temperament.

Easy to manage and very friendly as well as being hardy and able to withstand stress.

They are also great egg laying birds, producing up to 330 brown eggs per year.

£16 each

Splash Maran

A Friendly and attractive light gray hen, with darker gray/blue flecks throughout

Lays 300 cream eggs per year

£16 each